The tendering process for Norway´s offshore wind parks opened today


Norwegian Minister of Petroleum and Energy Terje Aasland visiting the METCentre. 

The Minister of Petroleum and Energy Terje Aasland (Ap) just announced the tender for the two offshore wind farms in Norway. Capacity on floating windfarm Utsira Nord might even be further expanded from 1,5 GW to 2,25 GW, said Aasland today.

If the government now keeps up the pace, Utsira Nord could become the world's first large-scale floating offshore wind farm, believes Arvid Nesse of the industry organization Norwegian Offshore Wind.

-Finally, we're getting started. We in the industry are happy that the government have listened to our suggestion to expand capacity at Utsira Nord. We expect the allocation of the areas to take place during 2023 as promised today, so that we maintain a rapid progress. We’ve got what it takes to become world leading, says Nesse, and emphasizes

- This is not a competition just for the sake of competing. We know from bottom-fixed offshore wind that early entrants to the market remain market leaders globally.

A recent analysis from 4C Offshore shows that the UK is ranked as the most interesting market for floating offshore wind, while Norway comes second.

Arvid Nesse by the turbines at the METCentre.

- It’s possible for us to get floating turbines in the water before 2030 if the process goes swiftly, which would be ahead of the Scots who allocated areas in early 2022, says Nesse.

Norwegian Offshore Wind has been vocal in asking authorities to ensure that the licensing process is handled thoroughly and efficiently, and that there is sufficient capacity for this in both in The Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE) and the Ministry of Oil and Energy. The Norwegian Government have earlier announced a 30 GW goal within 2040.

Norwegian Offshore Wind represents 370 offshore wind companies and is Norway's largest industrial cluster. One of the most important inputs from the industry has been that the government must ensure that more than one developer receives support for Utsira Nord and the organization is happy that the government guaranteed two projects today.

 - However, it is important that we find a solution that allows three projects to be developed. There are many companies now ready to deliver. The model they presented today unfortunately does not contribute to this.  We presented them with an alternative model that could secure both competition and government support for three projects, says Nesse.

He emphasizes that the processing time in future processes must be kept to a minimum and that mapping of new areas must be done faster than in the previous rounds.

- It’s important that capacity is developed in ports and construction sites, not only  for the Norwegian developments, but also to secure capacity to export floating offshore wind. Our companies are crystal clear: predictability is an essential prerequisite for making new and necessary investments, says Nesse.

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