The Norwegian industry gears up activities in Sweden

PHOTO: Norconsult
by Arne Vatnøy
Communication manager

Norwegian Offshore Wind is pleased to announce that Stein Erik Skilhagen from Norconsult is taking the helm as leader of the new working group for the Swedish market.

-Norway and Sweden are focusing on offshore wind to become a significant part of the future energy mix in both countries. There are similarities in geographical and environmental conditions, maturity of the market as well as the presence of strong national companies with international experience in offshore wind, says Skilhagen.

He points out that there are differences in capabilities and experiences in the national industries, giving room for shared opportunities and synergies to be realized across the markets.

-I find Sweden to be an attractive market for Norwegian companies looking to expand their presence in the offshore wind industry, comments Skilhagen. Together with Tor Arne Johnsen in Norwegian Offshore Wind he will soon be visiting Sweden on a study trip.

The working group will share market insight, plan Visit NOW trips and collaborate on strategic export measures.

-There are collaborative opportunities and market growth potential along the whole value chain for offshore wind between our two countries and we are exploring how to build up that cooperation together with partners in Sweden, continues Skilhagen.

Knut Vassbotn in discussion with the Minister of Petroleum and Energy

Deep Wind Offshore has been on the ground in Sweden for more than two years and CEO Knut Vassbotn believes that there are significant opportunities for members of Norwegian Offshore Wind in the Swedish market.

-Sweden is an industry nation second to none, with a world leading automotive industry, and quite a few companies already delivering significant volume to the offshore wind industry, particularly within electrical systems, says Vassbotn.

He underscores that Sweden has a target of becoming carbon neutral by 2045, more ambitious than most other similar countries.  Electrification in general, and new industries such as battery production and fossil free steel production, are driving a need for more than doubling the existing renewables and carbon neutral energy production.

-A significant part of this new production will probably come from offshore wind. Over the last couple of years, there has been an enormous interest for developing offshore wind in Sweden, so far there has been two projects sanctioned by the Swedish government in 2023. Combined with the Norwegian offshore capability, the two countries should be able to offer most of the products required for balance of plant, as an example, says Vassbotn.

If you want to hear more about opportunities in the Swedish market, join our working group by registering here.

As a member in the working-group you will get:

  • Updated market and project information about the Swedish offshore wind market
  • Play a part in designing and taking part in Visit NOW to Sweden and Webinars
  • Assistance in pitching and connection to Swedish partners
  • Connection to the rest of the Norwegian supply chain targeting the Swedish market

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