Seaway7 will host the next Boostcamp

The previous Boostcamp was hosted by Moreld Ocean Wind in Stavanger in December.
by Arne Vatnøy
Communication manager

Get ready to secure your place at our next Boostcamp Norway, which we are delighted to announce is being hosted by Seaway 7 in Stavanger on Thursday April 4th.

Boostcamp Norway is a practical one-day workshop where the hosting company shares their perspectives on achieving and maintaining market success and how this translates into the selection of their suppliers.  

This quarterly event is all about sharing knowledge and identifying best practices which is essential for building world-class supply chains. It is free for all members of Norwegian Offshore Wind.  

-We look forward to welcoming supply chain companies from both Norway and international markets and providing them with valuable insight and connections. We are especially pleased to be welcoming a Polish delegation at this BoostCamp, says Caroline Whittle, Business Development Manager in Norwegian Offshore Wind.   

The Seaway7 Boostcamp programme will be launched this week, and includes key sessions with Seaway 7, 4Subsea and Xodus about how they have become a global player and Norway’s largest exporter of Offshore Wind services. 

-Seaway7 acknowledge the importance of having common meeting arenas where industry players, ranging from developers to suppliers can meet to connect and gain deeper understanding of each other’s drivers and challenges, says Helge Myrvang, Business Development Manager for Energy Transition in Subsea 7.  

He points out that Norway already has several strong players operating in the offshore wind industry. 

-Seaway7 is an example of this. We have our head office in Oslo and can leverage our strength, as part of Subsea7 group, as global leaders within Offshore Wind and Subsea Umbilicals, Risers and Flowlines (SURF), says Myrvang.  

Boostcamp is a place to meet with other industry representatives.

Networking opportunity  

In this Boostcamp, there will also be analytical perspectives from Æge and TGS, including a critical look at where the opportunities in Offshore Wind lie in Europe in the next 5 years. 

Another key aspect is a discussion with key suppliers which have secured contracts in offshore wind – and we will be asking what can we learn from their experiences. We’ll also be having a panel with key players in the industry about strategy development and how this can be used to unlock floating offshore wind on a commercial scale. 

-And no Boostcamp is complete without ample time for networking and B2B meetings and we have set aside good time for you to mingle, meet and make new contacts. 

Places are limited and we recommend that you secure your place in good time, says Caroline Whittle.  

Seaway7 believes Norway, together with other European countries have the suppliers, competence and political ambitions for the industry to become tier-1 player in offshore wind worldwide.  

 -However this requires mobilization of all the competence across the supply chain working together, leveraging our heritage and strong track record from Subsea & Offshore technologies, says Myrvang.  


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