Norwegian supply chain gear up for Italy

Outside the Port Authority of Palermo.

10 members of Norwegian Offshore Wind are in Italy this week to meet up with Italian offshore wind industry representatives.

The Visit NOW, our flagship program and a core member service designed to provide access to export markets ensured a packed house in Milan. On the first day, an engaging dialogue brought together 45 individuals, a combination of Norwegian Offshore Wind members and key Italian stakeholders, to delve into the exciting prospects of the Italian offshore wind market. Italy has set ambitious targets for offshore wind, aiming to achieve 3-5 GW by 2030, with a significant focus on floating offshore wind technology.


-Italy stands at the threshold of a transformative opportunity in offshore wind energy, offering a sustainable and diversified energy source to meet decarbonisation goals. While the global floating offshore wind capacity is in its infancy, Italy's unique geographic advantages make it a prime candidate for growth, says Tor Arne Johnsen, who is responsible for the Italian market in Norwegian Offshore Wind


The offshore wind industry is gearing up for intense competition in the coming years. Collaboration between developers and the supply chain will be vital to standardise production and lower costs. This is already emerging with the establishment of AERO and Floating Offshore Wind Community. Italy is well-positioned to become a pioneer in this field and a central hub in the Mediterranean region.


-Italy's offshore wind market holds promise, but overcoming challenges, including low wind speeds, will be crucial to realising its potential in sustainable energy development, says Gunnar Birkeland, who is heading up the industry working group for Italy in Norwegian Offshore Wind


Norwegian companies have a unique opportunity to participate and provide solutions to challenges such as limited port areas, infrastructure gaps, and low wind speeds, thereby strengthening their presence in the Italian market. These challenges require careful planning, investment, and long-term agreements.


Italy's capacity for steel production and fabrication capabilities for floating structures is gaining attention. A report from Renantis reveals that Italy was Europe's largest steel producer in 2021, with €11 billion in production, and the largest producer of floating platforms, amounting to €43 million.


In summary, Italy's offshore wind market holds promise, but overcoming challenges, including low wind speeds, will be crucial to realising its potential in sustainable energy development.


The Norwegian Offshore Wind members attending the Visit NOW Italy:




Moreld Ocean Wind

Offshore & Trawl Supply AS

ONEX Technology Systems & Business Solutions

Saitec Offshore Technologies

Source Galileo



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