Norwegian expertise showcased to the Japanese market

The Norwegian companies visited the Hitachi Zosen Corporation site in Osaka.
by Arne Vatnøy
Communication manager

Five member companies of Norwegian Offshore Wind visited Tokyo and Osaka this week. The offshore wind expertise from Norway is highly valued in Japan.

DOF, Autronica Fire and Security, Source Galileo, ABB and Marine Energy Test Centre (METCentre) participated in this Visit NOW – each contributing with important knowhow within their fields. 

-We enhance business opportunities through a long-term commitment to collaboration. The genuine interest for sharing best practice in technology and cost reduction creates a perfect atmosphere for offshore wind collaboration between Norway and Japan, says Gunnar Birkeland, Chair of Norwegian Offshore Wind and CEO of Source Galileo Norway. Birkeland also heads up the working group for Japan in Norwegian Offshore Wind. 

16 Japanese companies have just formed a technology alliance within floating offshore wind, FLOWRA. 

Gunnar Birkeland presenting the Goliat project to METI.

Meetings with key stakeholders

The visit commenced with a meeting between the Norwegian companies and the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI). The Norwegian Embassy in Tokyo gave opening remarks about the strategic offshore wind investment in Norway, and METI elaborated on the offshore wind development in Japan. METI’s overall target for offshore wind is 45 GW by 2040.

-During this visit, we were reassured that the interest for Norwegian expertise within floating wind create excellent opportunities for both supply chain companies, EPCIs and developers in the Japanese market, says Astrid Green, who is responsible for Japan in Norwegian Offshore Wind. 

During the visit in Tokyo, the five companies met with Tepco Renewables, Toda, Tokyo Gas and Japan Wind Power Association with some of their members. In Osaka, the delegation spent the day with Kansai Electric Power co., who has a strong presence in Norway through their involvement in the GoliatVind project – a collaboration between Source Galileo and Odfjell Oceanwind. 

Innovative solutions from Norway

The participating companies experienced great interest from the meetings.

- It's an exciting time to be working within the RE industries, particularly within FOW, which will be the game changer - for successful transition to greener energy in Japan. DOF can contribute to a safe & successful project execution. With the fantastic support of Norwegian Offshore Wind in promoting our skillsets, I believe Japanese companies are engaged, and receptive to our message: early engagement is key, to succeed, comments Mark Wood, Business Development Manager for Asia in DOF.

Asmund Mæland from ABB points out that the discussions in the meetings were productive and promising.

-My visit to Japan was a great opportunity to meet with key floating offshore wind players. These players are very active in current Norwegian and UK projects. During the visit, we were able to inform them about our innovative subsea solution for offshore wind. Thank you to Norweigan Offshore Wind for your support in making this visit happen, says Mæland. 

Autronica Fire & Security had the opportunity to raise awareness of fire safety within offshore wind. 

- Wind energy, among renewable sources, is experiencing rapid growth. As the world strives for increased renewable energy usage, the expanding reliance on wind power exposes society to heightened risks from fires at wind farms. Unfortunately, due to insufficient open dialogue and lenient regulations within the wind power sector, efforts to mitigate wind turbine fires have been impeded. Our goal is to elevate awareness of fire safety within the offshore wind community in Japan. This is facilitated by Norwegian Offshore Wind's extensive network and partnerships. Special thanks to Astrid Green and Arne Vatnoy for the great program, says Joe Fue, Business Development Manager – Clean Energy 

Industrial Fire Products & Solutions in Autronica. 


Autronica, DOF, ABB, METCentre and Source Galileo visited Japan this week.

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