NIVA heads up new nature positive offshore wind working group

The new working group in Norwegian Offshore Wind will tackle matters such as nature inclusive design and environmental impacts, as well as discussing supply chain sustainability, social acceptance and co-existence.

The participants in the working group will develop the mandate. The overall aim is to make sure that the acceleration towards renewable energy does not come at the expense of biodiversity. 

Solrun Skjellum from NIVA will take the helm as the working group leader. The Norwegian Institute for Water Research (NIVA) is Norway's premier research institute in the fields of water and the environment. They are experts on ecosystems in both freshwater and marine environments, from mountains, via lakes and rivers, to fjords, coasts and oceans. They are highly competent within marine impacts and solutions. 

- I am very pleased that NOW is establishing a working group on such an important topic. It is critical that efforts to mitigate climate change and biodiversity loss are accelerated. Offshore wind activities that safeguard biodiversity can be an important piece in that puzzle. At NIVA, we look very much forward to working with other members of Norwegian Offsore Wind to ensure a sustainable industry. 

It is critical that efforts to mitigate climate change and biodiversity loss are accelerated.

Solrun Skjellum

Numerous consortia, both in Norway and in the international markets, have set targets to ensure their developments have a nature positive impact. This new working group is however aimed at supply chain companies as well and will function as a hub for exchanging knowledge and new insight. 

-Our marine ecosystems are facing increasing stress due to human activities. It´s therefore imperative that Norway’s ambitious goals for offshore wind development are achieved with minimal additional negative environmental impact, says Innovation Manager in Norwegian Offshore Wind, Christopher Harman. 

All members of Norwegian Offshore Wind are welcome to join the working group. The group will have a digital kickoff meeting June 11th. 



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