Flotation Energy wins history’s first Floating Wind Award

Barry MacLeod, General Manager in Flotation Energy, received the award at Floating Wind Days.
by Arne Vatnøy
Communication manager

The Norwegian State Secretary for Energy announced the winner at the global industry flagship event Floating Wind Days in Haugesund this afternoon.

Flotation Energy has been selected by the jury due to their outstanding leadership and innovation in the offshore wind sector through pioneering initiatives and recent accomplishments. The jury has consisted of global analytical buraus Green Giraffe, Westwood Energy and McKinsey. 

The award is a recognition to an individual, organisation or initiative which positively drives the floating offshore wind industry forward. Flotation Energy was, among other merits, responsible for developing the world’s largest floating offshore wind farm – Kincardine.

-We are absolutely delighted to accept the FWD Floating Offshore Wind Award, presented by Norwegian Offshore Wind, comments Barry MacLeod, General Manager in Flotation Energy, and continues:

-It recognises the progress, agility and environmental value needed to advance our industry at pace.  Flotation Energy pushes boundaries to make things happen, which enables us to advance floating wind opportunities not just in the UK but globally. This award is testament to our fantastic team of people; our strong and proud relationships with our joint venture partners; and our committed supply chain.

The FWD Floating Wind Award will be given out each year, by initiative from Norwegian Offshore Wind, who is the organizer of Floating Wind Days. There has been an open nomination process from April 2 up until the conference this week. 

Nominees to the award were required to demonstrate how their achievements have positively impacted the floating wind industry by actively contributing to at least one of the following values:

  • Improved economic value (such as cost and risk reduction)
  • Positive societal value
  • Positive environmental value

Norwegian Offshore Wind received more than 35 nominees. The final jury were unanimous on picking Flotation Energy as the winner of this very first FWD Floating Wind Award in history. 

-We would like to congratulate Flotation Energy with this well-deserved victory. This industry is dependent on driving forces like them, and it’s great to acknowledge the efforts made with this yearly award, says Arvid Nesse, CEO of Norwegian Offshore Wind and METCentre. 

The jury’s reasoning

The jury is delighted to present the inaugural FWD Floating Wind Award to a truly pioneering company in the sector, whose combination of historic achievements and recent successes sets them apart.


Improved Economic Value

Their early involvement at a political level in designing Scotland’s groundbreaking “3.5 ROC” scheme in 2012-13, the first public support for floating offshore wind globally, exemplifies their leadership. The construction of the Kincardine pilot projects, one of the few multi-turbine projects worldwide delivering electricity, and the largest of its kind until recently, further highlights their economic contributions. Their successful partnership with Japanese utility TEPCO, which has strengthened their financial base and allowed them to double their team size, underscores their focus on cost and risk reduction.


Positive Societal Value

Their rapid development and execution are evident in the Greenvolt project, where they partnered with Vargronn, won the INTOG tender, and achieved full consent for the project in record time. This pioneering commercial-scale floating wind project sets a benchmark for the industry and contributes significantly to societal advancement by fostering innovation and creating new job opportunities within the sector.


Positive Environmental Value

Notably, the Greenvolt project will contribute to the decarbonization of oil and gas production in the UK, showcasing their commitment to environmental sustainability. This project not only aligns with the industry's environmental goals but also demonstrates a deep understanding and awareness of the wider marine economy. Their collaborative mindset is vital for the sustainable growth of offshore wind in increasingly crowded maritime areas.

This award acknowledges their pioneering spirit, technical excellence, and significant contributions to advancing the floating offshore wind industry, in line with our criteria of improved economic, societal, and environmental value.


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