Addressing Four New Challenges in Floating Offshore Wind

The challenges were launched at Floating Wind Days.
by Arne Vatnøy
Communication manager

Four new challenges, presented by industry leaders Vattenfall & Seagust, Equinor, Deep Wind Offshore & EDF Renewables, and Å Energi & Corio, have been launched in the NOW Accelerator program.

These challenges aim to push the boundaries of innovation in floating offshore wind. 

The world of renewable energy is constantly evolving, and the floating offshore wind sector is at the forefront of this transformation. Four new challenges, presented by industry leaders Vattenfall & Seagust, Equinor, Deep Wind Offshore & EDF Renewables, and Å Energi & Corio, are part of the NOW Accelerator program by Norwegian Offshore Wind. They are leveraging the Open Innovation platform, Wazoku, to foster groundbreaking solutions. 


1. Vattenfall & Seagust: Enhancing Economic Efficiency in Floating Offshore Wind Production

Vattenfall, in strategic partnership with Seagust, has set a challenge to significantly enhance the economic efficiency of floating offshore wind production. The goal is to optimize electricity production by increasing Annual Energy Production (AEP), improving market value, and optimizing balancing contributions. This challenge is not just about incremental improvements but seeks transformative innovations that can substantially increase profitability. Solutions that can optimize the design, operation, and maintenance of floating wind farms are crucial to meeting this challenge. 


2. Equinor: Sustainability and Reuse of Floating Offshore Wind Substructures

Equinor is focusing on the sustainability and reuse of floating offshore wind substructures, addressing a critical gap in the industry. While progress has been made in the recycling of wind turbine blades, the industry lacks experience in the decommissioning and recycling of large-scale floating offshore wind farms. Equinor’s challenge is to develop effective strategies for managing the end-of-life phase of floating substructures, whether steel or concrete. Innovations in this area are vital for promoting circularity and sustainability in offshore wind projects. Solutions could include new materials, design optimizations, or novel recycling processes.


3. Deep Wind Offshore & EDF Renewables: Drilling Techniques for Hard Rock Foundations

Deep Wind Offshore, in collaboration with EDF Renewables, is tackling the challenge of developing efficient and safe drilling techniques for the installation of wind turbine anchors in hard rock foundations. Traditional methods have proven inadequate for these conditions, leading to the avoidance of potential wind farm sites. This challenge aims to foster innovations that enable the expansion of offshore wind power generation into new, challenging terrains. Solutions might involve advancements in drilling technology, new materials for anchors, or innovative installation techniques that can handle hard rock substrates.


4. Å Energi & Corio: Environmental Monitoring for Floating Offshore Wind Farms

Nordvegen Vind, a partnership between Corio Generation and Å Energi, is focusing on developing innovative monitoring technologies for the environmental impacts of floating offshore wind farms. This challenge targets the precise measurement of microplastic pollution, noise pollution, and effects on biodiversity within marine environments. The goal is to create solutions that provide detailed, real-time environmental data, ensuring the sustainability and regulatory compliance of offshore wind projects. Innovations here could include advanced sensor technologies, data analytics platforms, or new methodologies for environmental impact assessment.

The Role of NOW Accelerator and Wazoku

The NOW Accelerator program, supported by the Open Innovation platform Wazoku, plays a pivotal role in addressing these challenges. By fostering collaboration between startups, scale-ups, and corporate partners, the program aims to drive the development of cutting-edge solutions. Participants are encouraged to bring their expertise and innovative ideas to the table, contributing to the advancement of the floating offshore wind sector.


The challenges presented by Vattenfall & Seagust, Equinor, Deep Wind Offshore & EDF Renewables, and Å Energi & Corio highlight the critical areas of innovation needed to propel the floating offshore wind industry forward. Through the NOW Accelerator program and the Wazoku platform, there is a unique opportunity for innovators to make a significant impact. As we look to the future, these challenges serve as a reminder of the importance of collaboration and innovation in building a sustainable and efficient renewable energy landscape.


-We believe that the collective intelligence of innovators and experts worldwide, can address the critical challenges facing the floating offshore wind industry. These challenges are not just opportunities for improvement but essential steps towards a sustainable and efficient future, says Narve Hansen, Accelerator Manager in Norwegian Offshore Wind. 



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