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Webinar: US East Coast Market Update

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The East Coast of the USA is moving forward with their offshore wind ambitions, with Maine being a frontrunner. You will get a status on the US Market with a focus on the East Coast of US, and information about the next Visit NOW – a trip to Maine and New York.

We will give an update on the status for Maine and New York. We will also touch upon the latest news from the Bureau of Ocean Energy management about the the Final Sale Notice (FSN) for an offshore wind lease auction in the Central Atlantic, which is scheduled for August 14.



The FSN includes one area offshore Delaware and Maryland, and another offshore Virginia. In total, the area available for lease covers more than 275,000 acres, enough to develop up to 6.3 GW of offshore wind energy capacity.

And we will also get a status on what is moving on the West – Coast of US.


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Programme responsible

Astrid Green

Business Development Manager

Gunhild Myhr

Working Group Leader US & Canada


Norwegian Offshore Wind


Astrid Green

Business development manager, Norwegian Offshore Wind

Taylor Ward

Communications Manager, University of Maine

Gunhild Myhr

Working Group Leader for US Market, Norwegian Offshore Wind

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