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As a member of Norwegian Offshore Wind you will be well informed about the development of offshore wind both in a Global, European and National perspective.

You will be invited to meetings, workshops, seminars, conferences, international travels, demonstrations and likewise.You will also have the possibility to give direct input to the cluster administration and steering committee, as to influence administrative and political decisions on a national level.

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What is the name of your organisation?

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Contact information

Who will be the main contact for your organisation?

Step 3

Membership package

What membership are you applying for?


  • Less than 2 mill NOK annual turnover
  • Less than 3 employees
6 000 NOK/year

Small size companies

  • Less than 100 mill NOK annual turnover
  • Extends to all employees
12 100 NOK/year

Medium size companies

  • Between 100 mill and 500 mill NOK annual turnover
  • Extends to all employees
18 200 NOK/year

Large size companies

  • More than 500 mill NOK annual turnover
  • Extends to all employees
24 200 NOK/year
Step 4


What categories do you belong to? You can choose multiple.

Offshore Wind Developer

EPCI/Level 1 Supplier

Development & Engineering

Turbine Supply

Balance of plant

Installation & commissioning

Operation & maintenance

Life extension & decommissioning


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Invoicing details

Invoicing information

Invoicing address

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Member profile

This information will be used to create your member profile

Use a couple of sentences from a company presentation / website, but please keep it short and in English.