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BOUYGUES TRAVAUX PUBLICS (BYTP), as subsidiary of BOUYGUES CONSTRUCTION GROUP, is one of the leading actors in the civil construction sector in France with a catalog of reference projects all around the world and a long standing presence in 6 countries beside France. BYTP actively contributes to the research and development of decarbonized innovative solutions in the civil engineering field and accompanies every day its Clients in particular in building new infrastructures for decarbonized energy. BYTP has a long history of more than 25 years in marine works, in charge of EPC contracts, was in charge of the construction of the Floatgen floating offshore wind demo project in France and is actually the EPCI contractor (within a joint venture) in charge of the construction of 71 GBS structures for the Fecamp project in France. BYTP also owns the semi-sub floating technology OO-STAR.

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