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Webinar: The Japanese Market

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Japan is targeting 10 GW tendered by 2030 and 30-45 GW installed by 2040. This webinar will give you the latest insights from the Japanese market.

Japan is likely to meet its tendering target of 10 GW by 2030 given that 10 auction sites, corresponding to 4. GW of capacity, have reached the highest level of readiness. Japan has now awarded over 3 GW in its offshore wind tender system (Goto, Choshi, Noshiro-Mitane-Oga, Yurihonjo, Enoshima Saikai, Murakami-Tainai, Oga-Katagami-Akita).

Latest news and next up in Japan:

Three consortia, one led by JERA, one by Sumitomo Corporation, and one by German RWE, have been selected in the latest offshore wind auction in Japan that saw three developers awarded development sites. Japan has also put another, fourth site out to tender in this round, but the winner of this site is expected to be announced in March 2024.

Site surveys under the centralized government model for three new sites – off Ganu-Minamishiribeshi and Shimamaki in Hokkaido (floating) and Sakata City in Yamagata (fixed) – are expected from April 24.

We will hear much about the projects, timelines and international cooperation in this webinar. Program TBC

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