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Digitalization: Lowering cost by implementing standards.


The Norwegian Government 2040 Offshore Wind instalment ambition is 30 GW - how could ISO 81346 Part 10 (RDS PS) lower the LCOE? 

ISO 81346 is a standard for industrial systems, installations, and equipment numbering and classification.   By using this standard, companies can more easily perform system engineering, collaboration across value chain including procurement, more efficient handover from development to operation.  The standardized tags and classification of equipment throughout the lifecycle will ease the maintenance and enable improved learnings from digital sensing.

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Magne Berg, DNV and Working Group Leader for Simulation and Digitalization in NOW
Astrid Green, Business Development Manager in Norwegian Offshore Wind

Brief Overview of ISO 81346

Erik Jacques Wiborg, Statkraft. Phd, Mechanical engineer, Generation and Operation

Learnings from hydropower

Anna Holm, Statkraft

Intro TIM Wind, ISO 81346-103

Christian Lindegaard Hovde, Siemens Gamesa. Advanced Electrical Engineer/RDS Specialist

Closing remarks

Erling Rishoff, DNV and Chairperson NorthWind


Norwegian Offshore Wind

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