HSE framework high on the agenda in 2023


Cecilia Girard-Vika from Norwegian Offshore Wind during a meeting about the HSE framework for offshore wind. 

The framework for health, safety, and environment within offshore wind will be developed during 2023. Norwegian Offshore Wind is establishing a working group to get important input on this from the industry.

Norwegian offshore wind is revitalizing this working group to gather our members who are interested in this topic and who wants to have a saying. The main purpose of this group is to be a key meeting place, where we increase knowledge about different topics by sharing information and experiences internally.  External stakeholders will also contribute.

-We aim to be a common voice that represents the industry within this segment as we will follow actively the development of the new national regulations, says Cecilia Girard-Vika, project manager for Norwegian Offshore Wind and The Marine Energy Test Centre (METCentre). 

The working group will be led by Jesper Jonø from RelyOnNutec, who deliver services in training and education within security and preparedness.


- We carry out advanced emergency preparedness training for personnel within shipping, the wind industry, for the oil and gas industry, for the military and fire services, and for all other industries that involve work tasks with risks to life and health, says Jesper Jonø.

He has extensive experience as a naval officer and has more than 20 years of experience working in health, environment, safety and quality. He is project manager of larger projects such as Corporation Global Alignment on wind training in RelyOn Nutec as well as the training portfolio for the new Tyra oil platform in the North Sea.

Jesper Jonø from RelyOnNutec will lead the working group. 

Cecilia Girard-Vika has a background from the Norwegian Maritime authorities and will assist Jesper with the work in this group.


-As the regulatory HSE framework of this industry is still under construction in Norway, we have a unique opportunity to work together with the authorities to ensure a good start, says Girard-Vika.


The frequency of the working group meetings will be approximately once a month starting off with a first physical meeting in February.


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