Greece has kickstarted their offshore wind investment

Gunnar Birkeland heads up the working group for the Greek Market in Norwegian Offshore Wind.
by Tor Arne Johnsen
EU Advisor

The Greek Government has just published potential areas for development of offshore wind. This kickstarts the Greek market for Norwegian supply chain companies.

The Draft national programme that consist of the potential sea areas for offshore wind (OWFODA) was launched this week. The presented programme defines the eligible Organized Development Areas and estimates the capacity of offshore wind projects that can be developed, in the mid-term (up to 2030-2032) and long-term (after 2030-2032) horizon. 

The draft National Programme for the Development of OWF includes 25 areas, covering a total area of 2,712 km2 and with an estimated minimum capacity of 12,4 GW. The majority of the proposed offshore areas are suitable for floating technology. 

-The Draft national programme is the official kick off for the offshore wind market in Greece. The time for the Norwegian supply chain to target this market is now, says Gunnar Birkeland, leader of NOWs working group for Greece and Italy. 


10 areas by 2030-2032

The plan qualifies ten (10) eligible areas for development by 2030-2032, with a total capacity of approximately 4.9 GW*, mainly for floating projects. Proposed areas are:

  • Eastern Crete, where it is estimated that projects with a total capacity of 800 MW
  • Southern Rhodes, with a maximum installed capacity of between 300 MW and 550 MW
  • In the central Aegean, with a maximum installed capacity of between 200 MW and 450 MW
  • In the Evia-Chios axis, with a maximum installed capacity of 300 MW
  • In the Ionian Sea, with a maximum installed capacity of 450 MW.

 -Our assessment is that there are commercial opportunities for both Norwegian wind farm developers and the rest of the supply chain. Greek wind farm developers need partners with offshore competence and the rest of Greek suppliers need EPCIs, tier 2 and 3 companies for provision of solutions to the wind farm sector. Here the Norwegian supply chain can play a pivotal role, says Birkeland. 

The time for the Norwegian supply chain to target this market is now

Gunnar Birkeland, Working group leader for the Greek Market

2,7 GW by 2030

Greece is targeting 2.7 GW of offshore wind energy capacity by 2030 under the National Energy and Climate Plan (NECP), which is required by the EU. Greece has presented the regulatory framework for offshore wind with framework with prequalification, site identification and an auction system for the awarded of site leases and subsidies. 

-Offshore wind farms, along with onshore wind farms and other renewables, can make Greece a clean energy exporter. This will provide significant economic and development benefits and strengthen our energy independence and the geostrategic role of our country in the interests of peace and security in the region, says Efi Karra, from the Greek wind organisation Eletaen. 

Above all, Offshore Wind Farms can provide large amounts of clean energy that is essential for climate neutrality and for addressing the climate crisis.

Site investigation -OWFODA 

A draft of the Offshore Wind Farm Organized Development Areas (OWFODA) was presented this week. The draft will be sent on hearing and the final OWFODA is expected around H1 2024. The area offshore of Evros and northeast of Samothrace Island is already prioritised as an OWFODA, as it was designated as a pilot development area with a capacity 600MW. 

Exploration licences 

During the spring of 2024 HEREMA will announce the deadline for applications for Exploration Licences within OWFODA.

  • Applicants will be able to apply for Exploration Licences in multiple OWFODAs
  • The licence grants potential developers exploration rights for early site investigation/wind measurement surveys in OWFODA.
  • Valid for 3 years unless revoked.

To qualify for the exploration licenses the developer need to satisfy competence and experiences within offshore wind. the exploration licenses is prerequisite for applying for the tender


Centralised competitive auctions for combined site and subsidy agreement. 

  • The first auctions for offshore wind are expected to begin around 2026, with award in 2027.
  • The Final Permit and financial close between the selected developer and the Independent Power Transmission Operator are expected by 2028.

Candidates are assessed on the basis of professional, technical, and financial capacity. The auction will be based on the lowest offer ((€/MWh). Bidders also need to have received an Exploration License for the relevant OWFODA to qualify.

Norway is ready

Norwegian Offshore Wind is setting up a Visit NOW to Athens on the 23 and 24th of November to position the Norwegian supply chain into the Greek offshore wind market and link the Norwegian supply chain to Greek companies. For more information see the following link, or contact Tor Arne Johnsen. 

The Norwegian embassy in Greece is collaborating with NOW to open doors to this new market. 

-With this plan Greece is taking the next important steps for the realisation of offshore wind and for Greece to develop into a potential energy hub in the region. There is virtually a sea of opportunities for Norwegian and Greek companies to build and develop an offshore wind value chain together. The Embassy is ready to facilitate such cooperation together with Norwegian Offshore Wind and our Greek partners, says Lajla Jakhelln, Ambassador of Norway to Greece. 

* The above areas do not include the marine area between Evros-Samothraki, which is defined as an area for the development of pilot OWF projects.


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