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Webinar: Simulations - how we can gain trust in “mimicking” the real world



Digitalisation is speeding up across industries and automation and simulation is transforming the way systems are being designed and operated. It offers benefits in terms of optimised design, efficiency of operations and reduced costs. It also poses new “trust” challenges in relation to the digital representation of the physical asset. Simulation models and methodologies have been around for decades as an important way of simplifying and “mimicking” the real world and are frequently used to analyse and predict the behaviour of connected systems.  Simulations are commonly used today in the wind industry for parts such as turbine behaviour. As we move to floating wind the complexity and interactions of systems increase – the wind farm configurations, the transmission grid, and the distribution side. In this development we expect to see increased use of simulations models to optimise layouts and cut cost and to predict operational conditions etc. This webinar focuses on how to gain trust in simulations as this is essential to manage associated risks. The purpose is to share proposed best practices for assuring simulation models and industry experiences regarding simulations, associated benefits and challenges.  


  • Welcome (Astrid Green, Norwegian Offshore Wind)
  • Introduction of topic and presenters (Magne Berg, Working Group Leader, DNV)
  • DNV Recommended Practice (RP-513) Assurance of Simulation models (Siegfried Eisinger, Senior Principal Specialist, and Claas Rostock, Head of Safety and Systems Engineering, DNV)
  • Trust in maritime autonomous systems by means of gaming technology with ZeaBuz as a case study (Kjetil Vasstein, PhD candidate NTNU and founder of Zeabuz and Cosgear)
  • Optimisation of processes and significant reduction of resource consumption in Pulp & Paper with case studies (Øivind Opdal, Simulation Specialist, Norske Skog)
  • Q&A
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